who are we?

We are a sustainable wedding planning and production company that plans and executes every detail of a wedding.  We ensure that it remains a beautiful, hassle-free affair for the couple and their loved ones.

We believe that we can have exquisite and intricate weddings, even while we remain ecologically-sensitive. It is this belief that has helped us plan such weddings everywhere, from Mumbai to London, from Palghar to Goa.

why hire us?

For over a decade now, we have been successfully producing television commercials, documentaries and television shows.

Check us out at ProTeam Films, 

an international service production company.

We have oodles of experience in putting things together from scratch and the passion to back the experience.


Catering to different budgets, we have a network of location providers, hotels, off-beat destinations, super-talented professionals in each department, from caterers to photographers and filmers to bands, designers, choreographers, mehendi artists, transportation agencies. Phew.

There’s more but you get the drift, right?

services we offer

We will sit down with you, try and help you conceive the wedding you want and then make it happen.

From the first meeting to the time the last guest leaves; from hiring your wedding team to the post-wedding follow-ups,

we manage it all.

Check out our SERVICES page to broadly understand the scope of work. However, soon,

you will realise that a wedding planner will end up doing way more than that!

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  • Shaadi Ityaadi | Wedding Planners |
  • Shaadi Ityaadi | Wedding Planners |
  • Shaadi Ityaadi | Wedding Planners |

Tel: +91 98198 89123 |  Email: shaadiityaadi@gmail.com