venue hunt

If this seems harder than finding a partner, we have your back. Trust us to find you a location that pleases your tastes and your pockets. From a farm in a quiet village in Maharashtra to an old fort in Goa, to splendid beaches in Thailand or Sri Lanka, we help you with the hunt.

Food is one of the two most important ingredients to a good wedding. Based on your choice of venue, we have an array of caterers who can serve up delicious fares from different cuisines.

After all, what is a real Indian wedding if not for a delightful gastronomic experience?

Food & Beverages


If you are wondering what the second most important thing in a wedding is, for us, it's the music! From ensuring your guests are not glued to their seats, to seeing you and your partner waltz to live music for your first dance, we get it all done.

design & decor

Your wedding décor will tell your guests much more about your taste than anything else will. Fun or sombre, quirky or classical, elaborate or minimal, we will get the right team to conceive a unique design which defines your personalities.

An important ingredient of a successful wedding is having the right crew on board. 


Finding out who is the best in business is not a difficult job. But we find out who is the right one for you - be it your photographer and filmer,  your hair & make-up artist, or your mehendi artist.

We can even get you a panditain (female priest).


After getting to know your tastes and sensibilities, we put in hours of research and then draw a list of professionals we think could be perfect for your wedding.

finding the right crew


A jazz band or magicians? A Jenga Corner or a Foosball table?

An award night or choreographed dance performances?

Cricket on the beach or fun races in the lawn?

The list may be endless. But we have got it covered for you.


Be it a destination wedding or a wedding in your own city, you certainly will have guests descending from different parts of India and the world. From airport pick-ups to ferrying guests to the wedding venue, we will ensure no one gets left behind.

There are innumerable licenses that need to be procured for a wedding. If it's an outdoor wedding, the list is longer.


Be it licenses for alcohol,  or for playing songs by your favourite artists, or for your baraat, or for flying your drone,

we do everything legally. 

We even assist you to get a registrar to officiate your wedding.

Licenses and Permissions 

save the environment, NOT JUST the date

What if we told you that you could be a green hero even while you put together your own wedding? From customised plant seed wedding invites to gifts made out of recycled material, we have a network of eco-conscious brands who help us save the planet, even if its by a teeny bit.

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